A Goldfish Dream II

18 images Created 3 Apr 2020

“Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun.
Shine on you crazy diamond.” – Pink Floyd

Out between the waves, I witness
Urban juggling, between extreme gravity and unbearable lightness.
Running on pragmatic fuel, my streets are tight and busy,

Humanity humbled.
Out you come, give me your name and multiple numbers, lead me to your hidden dreams and secret hungers.
No yesterdays will show me how the past can fit into our future, but maybe share with me your WeChat feature?
Go knock down those shadows, everyday,

Keeping the promises that I as a city, made. Before I
Overdosed occasionally on hype, hedge funds and MSG.
No, go be free, don’t wait for me,
Go shine on you crazy diamond.

Caught in a crossfire between kingdoms old and new,
How do we harness the humour and heartbreak and hope renew?
Identities negotiated, redefined, lost
n’ found in this delirium of yes, 不 (bù) or maybe later.
And there we are, in the rough, floating in the South China Sea.

(Gabriella Zanzanaini)
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